About this project

Displace, 2015 Calder Kamin and Allie Novess for the Contemporary Austin Teen Artist + Mentor Program

Displace is the collaborative project by teen artist, Allie Novess, and artist mentor, Calder Kamin, created for the 2015 The Teen Artist + Mentor Program at The Contemporary Austin. Ten professional artist-mentors are paired with ten exemplary high school students from the Austin area. Together, they meet for seven months in the artist’s studio space to create new work. Hours of conversation, exploration of artistic mediums, and field trips to creative venues around Austin weave together in the final exhibition of collaborative work from all twenty artists.

Statement for Displace:
Austin is witnessing a surge in several species populations. Our city’s sprawl will continue to expand for migrating humans and loose wild space for native animals. However, a city provides abundant sources of food and shelter, drawing wildlife closer. Allie Novess and Calder Kamin’s interdisciplinary project whimsically illustrates how animals adapt to a changing city.

The vision for Displace, first came to Novess in a dream. Wandering silhouettes of nocturnal animals accompany an uprooted forest inside an abandon home. The parts to the piece do not have a fixed space in the gallery, attesting to how humans constantly transform spaces in nature.